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How much value would a professionally-trained barista add to your business?

How much value would a professionally-trained barista add to your business? The good news is, you don’t have to hire an expensive veteran of the craft. With high quality Barista Training from Cartwright Coffee Ltd., you can bring your in-house staff up to speed in no time.

On-the-job tuition is by far the most effective method for producing expert baristas who know how to run their workspace cleanly and efficiently while ensuring every customer leaves with a smile on their face.

Invest in your biggest asset

A well-trained barista brings a wealth of improvements to any coffee shop, cafe, bar, restaurant, hotel or kiosk. Not only will you see an uptick in productivity levels but you will also notice how your barista’s newfound confidence and experience will improve the quality of your coffee products and the atmosphere of your venue.

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Are you looking to buy or hire a specific type of coffee machine? Do you need some advice about what equipment would be right for your business? Cartwright Coffee Ltd. can help.

From basic customer and workspace skills to amazing latte art

Our barista training is about much more than pulling the perfect espresso shot or creating perfectly symmetrical latte art (although this is all included). We have designed our training packages to make sure your employees are fully grounded in both the theory and practice of their trade. 

We cover the fundamentals of coffee growing and preparation including growing regions, coffee bean species and varieties and roast profiles. We also train baristas in how to run their workspace safely and efficiently, covering everything from cleaning equipment and preventing contamination to providing excellent customer service.

Responsive fulfilment and delivery 

With our experience in the commercial coffee industry, we know how important it is to develop baristas quickly and prepare them for the rigours of the work environment. 

Whether your staff are just out of school or have been in the industry for many years, Cartwright Coffee Ltd. have the perfect recipe for quickly turning them into top class baristas who will do your business proud.

A well-trained barista can make all the difference when running your coffee shop, bar, cafe or restaurant. Contact us today to find out more about our respected barista training packages.

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