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PSSR Regulations: Have you booked your espresso machine boiler inspection?

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Dean Cartwright

28th Jul 2023

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As a responsible coffee vendor, you need to ensure you organise a regular espresso machine boiler inspection.

In a nutshell, the reasons you need to prioritise this are:

  1. For the safety of your staff and your customers
  2. To be compliant with the law: Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR)
  3. Ensure your insurance is valid
  4. To be compliant with the terms and conditions of your warranty

Call us on 01392 691 470 to book an espresso machine boiler inspection with our engineers. We serve the majority of the UK, including all of Devon and the south west.

Espresso machine safety considerations

Dangerous incidents involving espresso machines are thankfully rare. However, safety features can fail, so you need the added security of a regular boiler inspection to keep your staff and customers safe.

Coffee machine boiler inspections must be carried out by a competent person such as a suitably qualified Cartwright Coffee engineer.

PSSR compliance

All pressurised systems in the UK, including espresso machines, fall under strict PSSR regulations. You can read through the full details by clicking the link to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) webpage above.

As a user of an installed pressurised system, you are regarded as a ‘duty-holder’ under these regulations. Your responsibilities include insuring that your espresso machine is covered by a current certificate of examination.

If you have any doubts about your responsibilities or whether you are compliant with them, please call us today on 01392 691 470. We can give you accurate, up to date advice and, if needed, book in an inspection with one of our engineers.


Insurance companies cannot insure for any issues caused by the coffee machine if you are not compliant with the law.  Legally, they would not be able to pay out any claims, and the duty-holder would be personally liable for any damages or litigation claims.

Warranty compliance

The third reason you need to have your espresso machine boiler inspected is to stay within the terms and conditions of your warranty. If you read through these, you will notice that your warranty will be void if your machine’s boiler has not been regularly inspected and it goes on to suffer a ‘catastrophic failure.’

Enjoy peace of mind with a boiler inspection from Cartwright Coffee

We hope we have impressed upon you the importance of staying on top of your espresso machine boiler inspections. By booking an inspection with Cartwright Coffee, you can relax in the knowledge that your business and its customers are protected.

Whether your coffee premises is in Devon, the wider south west or further afield, call us on 01392 691 470 to secure a convenient date and time.