Commercial Bean to cup coffee machine

Commercial bean to cup coffee machine

Struggling to recruit skilled baristas for your coffee shop, cafe or restaurant?

Switching your existing espresso machine for a good quality bean to cup coffee machine could be a smart move. For a novice barista, bean to cup machines are much easier to use than an espresso machine, giving business owners much more flexibility when it comes to investing in training and recruitment.

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Have the baristas you've spent money training to a high standard moved on to another employer?

Many of the best bean to cup coffee machines in our range can produce espresso shots and milk-based coffees to a standard approaching that of a traditional espresso machine.

They may cost a little bit more upfront but you will recoup the costs in reduced recruitment and training costs.

Blending convenience with quality

Commercial bean to cup coffee machines are packed with features which can make them look imposing.

However, the learning curve is actually much shallower than for a classic espresso machine, enabling you to get newly hired baristas in front of customers quickly.

There is no need to master tricky skills like tamping or measuring shots so once your employees have mastered the settings for different coffee types and preferences, they can hit the ground running.

Designed for medium capacity requirements

The Rex-Royal S2 is the perfect professional coffee machine for medium capacity requirements and is particularly suitable for hotels, restaurants, offices, seminar rooms, retail, bakeries, take-aways, petrol stations, bookshops, etc.

One of our smallest output: 70 drinks a day Bean to cup coffee machine works out to be £3.90+VAT a day / sell 2 coffees a day to cover your investment.

Suitable for medium to high capacity requirements

The Rex-Royal S300 meets the high demands of the hotel, restoration, offices, seminar rooms, petrol stations, take-aways, when a medium to high capacity requirement is required.

One of our mid-range output 300 drinks a day Bean to cup coffee machines works out to be £16+VAT / sell 7 coffees at £2.80 a day to cover your investment

Great for high capacity requirements

The Rex-Royal S500 is able to operate at the highest level, especially when large quantities of various coffee specialties and high tea consumption are required quickly. The S500 is particularly suitable for coffee bars, upscale restaurants, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Even Latte art can be achieved

In terms of milk delivery, many of our bean to cup coffee machines come equipped with versatile Panarello wands which can be adjusted to suit the skill of your baristas.

A novice or relatively unskilled barista can use the wand with the nozzle attached and will produce a consistent froth. On the other hand, a skilled barista can remove the nozzle and use the wand to create latte art that is just as impressive as with a traditional espresso machine.

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