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Decaf 100% Arabica


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100% Arabica


Methylene chloride

Bourbon & Catuai

Tasting Notes

Chocolate & Nuts

with a small amount of acidity and a Hazelnut finish.

Do you like your decaf coffee to be well balanced with deep, dark flavours? With its touch of acidity and praline finish, our Brazillian medium-dark roast decaf arabica beans will be perfect for your palette.

How can a decaf coffee taste this good? Our producers use a decaffeination process favoured for its ability to retain flavour. Don’t be surprised if your caffeine-drinking friends don’t notice the difference!

Our Decaf coffee is expertly produced from 100% Arabica coffee beans (Bourbon and Catuai varietals). After picking and pulping, these beans have been soaked in water to soften them and develop their cell structure. This makes them more conducive to decaffeination by methylene chloride.

The methylene chloride decaffeination process is thought by some in the coffee industry to maintain coffee flavour better than other processes. Based on extensive research data, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined that methylene chloride is safe to consume at up to 10 parts per million (ppm) of residual methylene chloride. However, actual coffee-industry practice results in levels that are 100 times lower than this amount.

During decaffeination, the coffee beans are soaked in hot water to extract much of the caffeine. The beans are then removed from the water and the methylene chloride solvent is added to bond with the caffeine. After the methylene chloride/caffeine compound is skimmed from the surface of the mixture, the beans are returned to reabsorb the liquid. This method of decaffeination (sometimes called the KVW method in Europe) removes between 96 and 97 percent of caffeine from a batch of coffee.

With its huge land mass, Brazil is able to cultivate around a third of the world’s coffee crop. It is the largest grower and exporter of coffee on the planet, its exports making up around 60% of the total global market.

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