Hario Coffee Dripper V60 02 White Plastic

Material Reusable Plastic

W 137mm
H 102mm
D 116mm

An economic V60 options that looks just as good as the ceramic, glass and metal varieties. Ideal for those new to brewing and for travelling.

Product features

Brand: Hario
Range: V60
Material: plastic
Colour: white
Size: 02
Brews: 3-4 cups
Filters: V60 paper filters, size 02 (not included)
Filter lifespan: single use.   V60 Brew Guide
V60 drippers are available in sizes 01, 02 and 03. The 01 model is perfect for brewing a cup of coffee for one person, whilst the 02 and 03 models will enable you to brew a little more.
1.       V60 Dripper 01
2.       V60 Unbleached Filter Papers 01
3.       Coffee Grinder
4.       Kettle (with temperature control although not essential)
5.       Thermometer
6.       Scales
7.       Coffee

Step 1
Boil water (preferably filtered water) using your kettle.

When pouring water onto your coffee, the water should be at a temperature of 92 degrees as a good starting point. You can increase the heat to your coffee up to 96 degrees this will change the taste profile. So, it is worth experimenting until you get the right recipe for you. Remember if the water is too hot it will burn your coffee make sure it is under 97 degrees.

Step 2
Using your coffee grinder and scales: Grind 15 -16 grams of coffee to a fine grind.per person.

If the coffee feels like flour its too fine, it should feel more like sand.
If the water pours too quickly through the coffee this will alter the taste by making it weak, make the coffee a finer grind.
If the water pours too slowly through the coffee, this can make the coffee strong and bitter (If its too fine, you may only see a few drops of coffee pass through the filter paper). Make the coffee a slightly coarser grind.

Step 3
Place the V60 on the mug, insert the filter paper and soak with hot water to remove any papery taste, and to warm the V60 and the mug.

Step 4
Discard the water and place the V60 and the mug on to the scales, tare to zero.

Step 5
Add your ground coffee to the V60 evenly spread.

Step 6
Pour enough water to thoroughly wet the grounds, then wait for around 30 seconds.

Step 7
Slowly pour more water, using a circular motion, avoiding the edges where the grounds meet the paper. Stop pouring when the scales read 250g – the whole process should take around 2 minutes.

Step 8
Finished – Drink the Coffee and enjoy.

It may take a few times to perfect, but it will be worth it!

Making V60 for two people
To make coffee for two people add double the amount of ground coffee and water. You would also need to repeat the pouring procedure and use a coffee decanter instead of the mug.


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