Zawadi Peaberry

Kenya Peaberry


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Tatu City

Single Origin, 100% Arabica


Washed & Sun Dried

Ruiru 11, SL28

Tasting Notes

Rhubarb & Blackcurrant

Bright and tangy acidity with notes of rhubarb, blackcurrant and milk chocolate.

SCAA Rating


If you enjoy a coffee with intense fruity acidity, this superb single origin Kenyan coffee will treat your palate to big flavours of rhubarb and blackcurrant jammy sweetness – exquisite! With its clean and crisp aftertaste, this medium roast coffee is ideal as an accompaniment to a light breakfast or lunch.

Kenya produces some of the world’s most distinctive coffees but this little beauty is especially sought after. In fact, some coffee lovers will drink nothing else. Is Kenya Peabody sweeter and more flavourful than other Kenyan coffees? The jury is still out and there is much debate between Kenyan coffee connoisseurs.

Often termed the “champagne of coffee”, you will have noticed that Kenya Peaberry is more expensive than other coffees. To understand why, you need to know exactly what a peabody is.

While the majority of coffee cherries contain two flat-sided beans, a random genetic mutation affects around five to ten per cent of the fruits. These form with just a single oval or circular-shaped bean and these are called peaberries due to their distinctive shape. This could be the key to its reputation for a superior taste since a symmetrical bean will absorb heat more evenly.

Interestingly, the percentage of peaberry mutation is dependent on rainfall and heat – the higher the heat and lower the rainfall, the more peaberries.

Peaberries are not unique to Kenya. In fact, they are more usually sourced from Hawaii, Tanzania and Thailand.

Not only are peaberries difficult and unpredictable to find, they require hand sorting, separate roasting and careful handling. The next time you treat a cherished friend to a cup of our fine Kenyan Peabody, you can show off your knowledge by telling them exactly why peabodies are so highly prized before pouring them another steaming cup to see if they can taste the difference.

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