La Spaziale S1 Dream Plumbed in






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Are you a home barista looking for a reliable, commercial grade coffee machine to pull perfectly extracted shots every day? Do you need the kind of industrial power that will deliver cappuccino after cappuccino when friends and family are in town? And do you also need your espresso machine to be easy to use while looking great on your countertop?Based on the sturdy Vivaldi II commercial espresso machine platform, the stylish La Spaziale Dream could be your ideal solution. This is a dual boiler espresso machine with a rotary pump, saturated group head design and loads of prosumer-friendly features.

Have you ever wondered how a coffee shop barista can churn out the perfect shot measure hour after hour, day after day? The secret is volumetric shot dosing and this is one of the features you can enjoy with the La Spaziale dream.

Do you have a relative, friend or work colleague who swears that longer soaking is the key to a satisfying coffee? With its programmable pre-infusion setting and optional shot timer, the Dream will help you to fine tune your skills to meet those expectations.

Temperature is also a critical factor in serving the perfect brew. Both boilers and the coffee delivery group are electronically regulated with state-of-the-art active PID technology making sure that no one has to complain about a tepid or scalding drink.

Despite its commercial origins, the La Spaziale Dream has been refined to fit in perfectly with the home barista lifestyle. Enjoy enhanced user experience with consumer-grade soft touch controls and a bright and easy to understand 128 x 64 pixel display screen which makes generous use of symbols and supports multiple languages.

While this model is designed to be plumbed directly into the mains water supply, there is also a water tank version (please see the separate description ED024).

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5 stars

Coffee leaves a lasting taste, its good for the brain and its often the last thing you'll have after a meal. Dean and the team at Cartwright are passionate about...


Great company to deal with

We receive fantastic feedback from all our customers regarding the Coffee which we buy from Cartwright Coffee. They’re a great company to deal with..Miss Jones Tea & Coffee shop


Love your coffee

My neighbour, Vince, loves your coffee. You’ve probably worked out he’s quite a technical guy and likes to know the ins and outs of things, so the fact that you...


Very high level of customer care

Great Coffee, very high level of customer care, Would recommend anybody to give Dean a call if looking for a great coffee supplier, This fella knows his stuff.