Office Leva Twin Boiler, 1 group, Tank Reservoir



W 260mm
H 420mm
D 460mm





Whether it lives in the home office or kitchen, the Expobar Office Leva’s compact proportions and top quality design will make it an instant hit with the family, friends or visiting work colleagues. Deliver a smooth shot of espresso to get your day off to a productive start, enjoy a beautifully frothed cappuccino with your eleven o’clock Danish or share a warming latte at lunch time. This machine will become your friendly companion throughout the day.

Built with the well-tested technology and genuine craftsmanship for which Expobar are renowned, this espresso machine employs a handy dual boiler system (1.5L capacity each). One boiler is for steam, hot water and to pre-heat the water entering into the boiler. The second boiler maintains the water at the perfect temperature for coffee extraction with the help of a state-of-the-art precision PID sensor while effective insulation keeps heat loss at a minimum.

The machine integrates two high quality pressure gauges: one for reading the steam boiler pressure and one for monitoring the pump pressure.

So what’s in the box? You will receive one brewing group; hot water dispenser; insulated steam arm for milk frothing; built-in vibration motor pump; copper boiler with heat exchanger and pressure relief valve; professional style bronze EB-61 group head with lever and direct pre-infusion chamber; professional auto-fill water boiler; heating element; water pump with low water level auto cut-off; water softener; 2.75 litre water tank and standard espresso machine accessories. These include a double filter handle, single filter basket, tamper, coffee doser spoon and cleaning membrane.

Please note: If you are looking for a machine of similar spec which connects to the water mains, take a look at our Office Leva Twin Lever – Mains Feed product. This also contains a water tank to give you that bit more flexibility.

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