Office Leva Twin Boiler 1 group, mains feed



W 260mm
H 430mm
D 460mm





Are you looking for a hard-wearing, easy-to-use and versatile espresso machine for your home office? The semi-automatic Office Leva 1 Group Espresso Machine ticks all three boxes with every component carefully designed to make brewing coffee a pleasure – not a chore.

The brewing process is easily managed via an EB-61 lever system. Simply push the lever fully up to brew or, if you prefer, hold it part-way up to pre-infuse.

This machine can deliver two beautiful shots at once to give you and a guest, colleague or family member an instant caffeine boost. The handy steam wand is ideal for frothing up a delicious cappuccino or latte and is heat insulated so can be easily handled for optimal safety and control.

Designed specifically for this machine, the default wand tip can maintain an even pressure all day long (although you can switch the tip). There is also a hot water tap for added versatility.

The dual 1.5L insulated copper boilers boast excellent heat retention and give you both steam and hot water on tap. The removable water tank has a capacity of 2.8L and an in-built low water sensor. You can also set up your machine to use mains water if needed. All you need to do is connect the water pipe and flip the lever on the bottom.

A bright red indicator lets you know your boiler is powered up and ready for action and you can precisely control temperature using PID technology. Keep an eye on your boiler and pump pressure via clear, sensibly placed gauges.

Catch all splashes with a large capacity drip tray that won’t have you leaving your desk every couple of hours to change it. Taking an urgent call? Simply place your shots on the top of the machine where a passive cup warmer will keep your brew steaming until you can take a proper break.

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Very high level of customer care

Great Coffee, very high level of customer care, Would recommend anybody to give Dean a call if looking for a great coffee supplier, This fella knows his stuff.


Delicious coffee

Delicious coffee, well priced and fabulous knowledgeable helpful customer service from the wonderful team


5 stars

Coffee leaves a lasting taste, its good for the brain and its often the last thing you'll have after a meal. Dean and the team at Cartwright are passionate about...


Quality products

With quality products, a wealth of knowledge and a drive to help I can not recommend a better company !