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If you are on a mission to create top quality shots from your espresso machine every day, then you are going to need the best coffee machine cleaning products.

Over time, coffee bean oils will build up in your machine and this negatively impact the flavour of coffee you produce. There is also a water reservoir which can be prone to a build-up of limescale. This is a common issue in hard water areas like London or the south east but limescale will build up anywhere if left untreated.

To be the best home barista you can be, we recommend having a look at some of our essential coffee machine cleaning products.

In terms of coffee machine cleaning products, there are two types of brush to keep your coffee machine clean. The first is an angled brush with stiff bristles designed for scrubbing oils and deposits from the group head.

The second is a straight, soft brush which is ideal for brushing up fine coffee grounds from work surfaces. It is a good idea to invest in some spare tips too, just in case.

Another useful addition are blanking discs or blind filters, they are placed into your portafilter during backflushing and often made of rubber.

You can make your life as a home barista easier by keeping your surfaces clean in the first place. A tamper mat is essential and you should also consider installing a knock box or knock out drawer for loose grounds.

Finally, round off your coffee machine cleaning products with a mixed selection of microfibre cloths, these can keep shiny surfaces clear of small particles like dust.

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We have carefully curated the most stylish and reliable home coffee machines on the market, suitable for a range of budgets. We also stock a wide range of high quality home coffee grinders plus barista tools and accessories – everything you need to complete your perfect home barista set-up.

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