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If you are one of those passionate coffee enthusiasts who enjoys having a freshly brewed latte in the morning, then check out our best selling straight-sided milk frothing jugs which now come with teflon coating for super quick and easy cleaning.

This is good news for busy home baristas as it makes them more productive because they can make more milk faster without spilling any milk over the jug or bench top.

These jugs are designed specifically for those who are looking to take their milk frothing skills to the next level and generate perfect milk foam each time they make a latte or cappuccino.

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Make commercial quality coffee from home

Become your own barista with this milk frothing jug that makes café quality foam. Make delicious cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolates and more without having to leave your home.

Do you want to know how to make perfect milk froth? If so then this is the jug for you. The stainless steel material provides a rust-free and damage resistant surface, meaning it can endure daily commercial use.

Commerical Quality Milk Frothing Jugs

A milk frothing jug is used to steam milk and create a lighter consistency which is used as a topping for various drinks and desserts. Our goal is to provide you with quality products so that you can achieve professional results at home.

It is a recipe for perfection, including hot milk and freshly brewed coffee. But how do you make the perfect cup of coffee? It can seem tricky if you don’t know the steps. Don’t worry though, because here at Cartwirght Coffee you can head over to our blog to take your skills to the next level.

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The best home baristas never settle for inferior equipment. Is it time you upgraded? 

We have carefully curated the most stylish and reliable home coffee machines on the market, suitable for a range of budgets. We also stock a wide range of high quality home coffee grinders plus barista tools and accessories – everything you need to complete your perfect home barista set-up.

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