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The smell of freshly ground coffee

There’s no finer aroma than coffee, so make your morning with a fresh and flavourful cup of coffee from one of our coffee grinders.

Whether you prefer a fine powder or Morrocan style coarse ground, we have options to suit every coffee bean grinder. Manual grinders are perfect for those who want to create that morning ritual, and for those build for speed our electric coffee bean grinders will have you ready for the coffee machine in no time.

Learning to brew the perfect coffee for your palate is an ongoing experiment for the home barista, the better the tools, the easier it will be to develop your skills.

Although your espresso machine with a built-in grinder may seem like an obvious option, it is only with a standalone grinder where you will see the customisation to your daily grind, if your coffee tastes too sour and acidic, a finer grind can help to extract those deeper, more mellow notes.

If you’re finding the flavour is too muted or bitter, a coarser grind will bring the balance back. By adjusting both the extraction time and grind size, you will have complete control over your end product.

If you want to find out more about the importance of the coffee grind then check out our article on the 4 Reasons to Invest in a Standalone Coffee Grinder.

We also supply coffee machines, bulk brewers, barista tools and other hardware to ensure your home coffee shop is fully equipped…

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Select from our range of speciality coffees

Have you thought about what's going to go inside your coffee machine? We only stock SCA-graded speciality coffees so you're guaranteed a superior flavour, whether you know the type of coffee you like or you're still enjoying the journey of discovery.

At Cartwright Coffee, we pull out all the stops to keep our home baristas satisfied. For example, our coffees are handpicked for a consistently even roast – and a more pleasant flavour.

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