Home Wooden Handle Coffee Tamper 51mm

BaseStainless Steel
Base Diameter 51mm

A domestic tamper with a high quality commercial feel. Perfect for home use

Size: 51mm Properly tamped coffee results in level beds flattened to the correct pressure, allowing water to soak the coffee grinds evenly with right amount of contact (extraction) time, and avoiding channelling which can lead to uneven extraction and inferior taste. Executing this process consistently throughout the day requires lots of practice, technique and the correct tamper. Tamper size is technically the most important factor, and assuming all other elements in the coffee making process have been performed correctly, the best place to start when purchasing a tamper is knowing the size needed for your espresso machine. The choice at your disposal is huge with some amazing colours and materials available making it very easy to get side-tracked and make a decision based purely on good looks!


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