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Single Origin, 100% Arabica


Strictly High Grown & Fully Washed

Catuai, Caturra & Pacamara

Tasting Notes

Lemon & Syrup

A clean and smooth coffee, with bright acidity, mellow body and a caramel finish.

SCAA Rating


Our single origin Honduran has a slightly sweet flavour profile with the delicately smooth texture for which the Cocafelol co-operative are known.

Honduras borders both the Caribbean and the north Pacific. Guatemala lies to the west, Nicaragua to the south east and El Salvador to the south west. It is the second largest Central American republic, with a total area of 112,890 square kilometres (43,590 sq mi). There are six main coffee-growing regions in Honduras.

We source our Honduras coffee from the well-respected Cocafelol co-operative. Respected as one of the most environmentally friendly growers on the planet, this co-op works incredibly hard with its farmers, both technically and financially, while maintaining sustainable agricultural practices, to produce coffee of the highest quality. This organic, fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance endorsed coffee is sourced from individual smallholder farms situated high in the mountainous Ocotepeque region of western Honduras.
Coffee production in Honduras played a significant role in the country’s history and coffee is important for the Honduran economy. In fact, in 2011, Honduras became Central America’s top producer of coffee.

This hasn’t always been the case. In the 18th century, following the arrival of coffee plants to the country, there existed numerous coffee plantations but these were small. Although the soil and climate of Honduras are the same as those of Guatemala, Nicaragua or Costa Rica, large scale coffee production was hampered due to a lack of transportation and support facilities for shipment to the coast. Besides, Honduras enjoyed a roaring trade in bananas. As a result, coffee was mostly sold domestically (the production of coffee in 1894 was reckoned at 20,000 quintals, of which only 10 per cent was exported).

The situation changed in the 1960s as increased support from the USA combined with declining banana sales to stimulate interest in coffee exports.

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