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shots of espresso or rich, frothy lattes to your friends, family members and work colleagues?

The Vivaldi II from La Spaziale could be the coffee machine for you. This is a dual boiler, rotary pump machine with a saturated group head design that can be directly connected to the water mains (no more toing and froing to fill up tanks).

Featuring volumetric shot dosing, the Vivaldi II will enable you to keep up with high demand, delivering cup after cup of perfectly measured espressos with minimal wastage. Meanwhile, serving evenly extracted beverages is aided by the Vivaldi’s built-in pre-infusion function. Take the guesswork out of making barista-style coffee and wow your guests with your newfound skills.

Fed up with microwaving luke warm coffee? Hot water and steam is electronically heated and delivery is regulated with a built-in safety thermostat and LED temperature display. The Vivaldi II also features a convenient electronic boiler refill feature. Just remember that this particular model is a touch larger due to its mains connectivity. If you prefer a slightly more compact model, take a look at the tank-only version of this amazing machine.

Despite its adaptability to kitchen use, this is a bona fide commercial machine so if you do happen to harbour dreams of opening a coffee cart in the future, the Vivaldi II will have you covered. Between its narrower, more forgiving 53mm baskets, volumetric shot buttons and large 2.5L steam boiler, this elegant, Italian-style coffee machine sets you up for success at home and beyond.

It’s this combination of performance and utility that has made the Vivaldi II one of our favourite machines at Cartwright Coffee. It was also the first coffee machine we purchased and more than 5 years’ later, it still looks as good as new.

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Amazing coffee & hot chocolate Great customer service and support Definitely recommend


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My neighbour, Vince, loves your coffee. You’ve probably worked out he’s quite a technical guy and likes to know the ins and outs of things, so the fact that you...


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They provide high quality products with outstanding customer service. They tailor our products to fit our customer needs helping us to provide an excellent service.


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We receive fantastic feedback from all our customers regarding the Coffee which we buy from Cartwright Coffee. They’re a great company to deal with..Miss Jones Tea & Coffee shop