La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi 1 Group Tank Reservoir






Do you demand the performance of a commercial coffee machine with the compact form of a home appliance? Look no further than the Mini Vivaldi II from La Spaziale.

Whether you’re serving powerful shots of espresso straight from the machine or using the steam wand to froth up some milk for the perfect latte, you will be delighted with the end product of this small but beautifully formed piece of engineering.

Oozing Italian charm, the striking Mini Vivaldi II from La Spaziale is a dual boiler, vibratory pump coffee machine with a saturated group head design. It features volumetric shot dosing for optimal speed and accuracy as well as an optional shot timer, for added control.

This high spec semi-commercial machine not only pulls fantastic shots but can easily slot into most home kitchen or office arrangements, making delivering cafe-quality shots on a home espresso machine easier than you would have ever expected. With its 2.5L water boiler and 0.45L coffee delivery boiler, this machine enables you to comfortably serve between 10 and 50 coffees per day to friends, family members and work colleagues.

The Mini Vivaldi II was originally built for small scale commercial operations but it turns out the features that make it great for a coffee cart also make it superb for home baristas! Between its narrower, more forgiving 53mm baskets; its semi-automatic hot water delivery (for coffee infusions) and its volumetric shot buttons, the Mini Vivaldi II sets you up for success.

Tired of microwaving tepid coffee? Hot water and steam is electronically heated and delivery is regulated with a built-in safety thermostat and LED temperature display. The Vivaldi II also features a convenient electronic boiler refill feature. Just remember that this particular model uses a water tank. If you need a constant supply of water, take a look at the mains-connected version of this fantastic machine.

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