La Spaziale S2 1 Group Plumbed in



W 460mm
H 520mm
D 530mm





Few coffee machines can compete with La Spaziale when it comes to reliability, versatility and control. Built on a high quality stainless steel body, the La Spaziale S2 will serve you well for many years, keeping friends, family and work colleagues on side with deliciously flavoured, expertly brewed shots every time.

For an example of what makes the La Spaziale S2 special, take temperature. Most espresso machines are set to a standard extraction temperature which is not always suitable for the coffee bean you are using. To optimise the taste of different types of coffee, La Spaziale machines allow you to easily change the extraction temperature yourself, putting you in control of the process.

La Spaziale machines also have a unique global patent for the thermoregulation of the delivery group. Its power-efficient STEAM heat exchange system blasts the coffee with steam as it passes through the group head ensuring a constant temperature regardless of how heavily the machine is being used – the mark of a skilled barista!

The S2 EK model also features automatic dose setting so you can deliver a regular or large shot on demand like a true pro. Two steam wands and one hot water outlet give you added capacity for those busy spells.

Other features include a 3L boiler with auto refill, pump pressure control and gauge, safety thermostat and malfunction alarms (although problems are usually rare!)

La Spaziale was founded in 1969 in Bologna, Italy and today have a presence in more than 100 countries. Build quality, reliability and innovation have always been at the heart of the company’s values and you can benefit from that philosophy in the modern setting of the home coffee bar. Many professional coffee outlets swear by the La Spaziale S5 and the S2 contains many of the same features, albeit in a more compact, home-friendly form.

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Highly recommended

Highly recommended. They are kind caring and understanding. Cartwright coffee knows too much about coffee and is more than happy to make your coffee the best it can be. Now...


Very high level of customer care

Great Coffee, very high level of customer care, Would recommend anybody to give Dean a call if looking for a great coffee supplier, This fella knows his stuff.


Definitely recommend

Amazing coffee & hot chocolate Great customer service and support Definitely recommend


Quality products

With quality products, a wealth of knowledge and a drive to help I can not recommend a better company !