Single Origin

Nicaraguan Beans



Single Origin, 100% Arabica


European Preparation High Grown

Caturra, Yellow and Red Catuai

Tasting Notes

Red Berry & Cherry

Flavours of maraschino cherry and red berry sweetness with an earthy finish.

SCAA Rating


Our distinctive single origin Nicaraguan presents a smooth, earthy body, sweet aroma and crisp maraschino cherry and red berry flavour.

The most convenient conditions for coffee cultivation is around 800 meters above sea level in rich, volcanic soils and the estate from which we source our Nicaraguan beans is located within a mountainous natural reserve. All cherries are handpicked according to the microclimate of each individual farm, maximising their potential. The estate also houses a fully vertically integrated processing system which allows for the precise differentiation and sorting of each bean.

As with many Central American countries, coffee production in Nicaragua has been an important part of its history and economy and is one of its principal products. Production is centered in the northern part of the central highlands north and east of EstelĂ­, and also in the hilly volcanic region around Jinotepe. Most coffee plants are grown in Managua Department. Historically, the best quality beans are grown in Matagalpa with Jinotega also producing a high quality coffee.

Coffee is a demanding crop because coffee trees require several years to produce a harvest and the entire production process requires a greater commitment of capital, labor and land than do many other crops. Transportation of the crop to the market can also be difficult because of the altitude at which it is grown.

The principal means of transporting coffee for exportation were the National Railroad from Granada to Corinto, on the Pacific, and the steamships from Lake Nicaragua and the San Juan River to the Atlantic Ocean. The Government of Nicaragua encouraged the establishment of coffee plantations, and pledged to award a prize of 5 cents to farmers for each tree in plantations of more than 5,000 trees. However, Nicaragua’s poor transportation system and ecological concerns over the amount of land devoted to growing crops on volcanic slopes in the Pacific region limit further expansion of coffee cultivation.

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