X54 Mahlkönig home grinder


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X54 | be your own barista
The everyday coffee enjoyment really matters. Freshly roasted specialty varieties prepared by
a skilled barista with professional premium equipment can turn a small coffee break into a
meaningful moment of joy.
We have developed the X54 allround home grinder so that you can experience these coffee
moments of joy at home, too.
The grinder enables optimal grinding that meets even the highest demands. As a true allrounder,
the grinder is suitable for many preparation methods: for your aromatic espresso in the morning
just as for your pour-over or French press in the afternoon.

The Mahlkönig X54 allround home grinder is the best choice for every home barista.

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5 stars

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Love your coffee

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Great company to deal with

We receive fantastic feedback from all our customers regarding the Coffee which we buy from Cartwright Coffee. They’re a great company to deal with..Miss Jones Tea & Coffee shop


No hesitation in recommending

I don't think there is anything that the team at Cartwright don't know about coffee. If your business serves coffee and you need any help, advice or training I would...